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Afshar rug

A classic traditional Afshar design, this 1940’s rug is in reasonable condition for its age.

183 x 142


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Afshar rug

Afshar rug of square proportion, late 19th century. Its pile is low in places, and the rug has been conserved. Classic …More

122 x 117


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Kirshehir yastik

Kirsehir yastic. Probably woven around 1900, its use of strong pastels and a simple field design of stripes, are typical …More

79 x 56


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N.W.Persian long rug

This late 19th – early 20th century  weaving is “conditionally challenged” but its unusual border and archaic field …More

208 x 89


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Afshar rug

With a high knot count this piece has an exceptionally graphic design. Evenly low all over, but still useable on the …More

203 x 168


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Chinese pillar rug

Chinese pillar rug, in good condition. Notwithstanding its self-evident age (late 19th century), this weaving has …More

206 x 97


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Tekke 9-gul torba

Woven towards the middle of the 19th century, this Tekke torba has the quality of wool and colour so typical of …More

114 x 43


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Kurdish korjin bag pair

This 19th century Kurdish khorjin is complete, and in original as-found condition. The colours are vibrant, the wool …More

119 x 61


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Uzbekistan susani

Uzbekistan susani with prayer niche design (“joynamoz”). A pleasing late 19th century embroidery, with great colour and …More

150 x 89


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Qashgai bagfaces

Rescued from upholstery, and in distressed condition these high quality Qashgai  bag faces have been sewn together, and …More

140 x 71


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Qashgai bagface

Antique Qashqai bagface, woven pre 1900, with great colour and unusual design. The piece has lost the bottom outer …More

56 x 61


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Tekke bag face

Late 19th century Tekke bag face, with an old original repair in the left hand corner. This format is unusual for …More

36 x 48


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Afshar bagface

Good 19th century Afshar bagface, with a striking medallion tulip design. This piece has good wool and …More

46 x 79


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Azeri grain bag face

Caucasian Azeri cicim grain bagface, early 20th century. In good condition with one small area of rubbed …More

89 x 84


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Qashgai rug

Late 19th century Qashqai blue ground rug, with herati design. The colours are nuanced, the condition good for its age, …More

206 x 99


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Qashgai korjin

A  pair of large Quashgai bags, fine wool, fine knot count, great colours. Always a quality item, likely treasured by …More

282 x 71


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Afshar bag

Afshar bag, with an unusual (if not unique) repeat design, woven at the end of the 19th century. Good colours, great …More

51 x 79


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Qashgai bagface

Fine 19th century Qashgai silk-wefted bagface, conserved onto a black linen mount. The wool is full and lustrous, the …More

58 x 66


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Uzbek susani fragment

Uzbekistan susani fragment, late 19th century. Mounted and framed, the fragment demonstrates great colour and design in …More

48 x 49


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Kurdish Hamadan rug

A classic “anchor medallion” design woven circa 1930. Full pile, good quality wool, good condition for its age.

224 x 145


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