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Selection of Shoowa velvets

£45 each Approx sizes: 64 x 64cm  (25″ x 25″)  

64 x 64


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Mujur prayer rug

A striking large prayer rug from central Turkey, woven about 1875 but possibly earlier. The piece has been sensitively …More

185 x 145


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Ningxia throne back

Chinese Ningxia throne back with a three dragon design, all chasing the pearl. An unusually shaped example, in glorious …More

64 x 58


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Afshar rug

This late 19th century Afshar rug with  its great colours, good condition and striking repeat design, is an excellent …More

165 x 135


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Veramin mafrash panel

Early 20th century mafrash panel from the Veramin area, in full pile and good condition.

94 x 38


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Baluch balisht

Used to store grain, as cushions and as all-purpose bags, balishts have a range of designs found in their bigger rug …More

76 x 48


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Yomut asmalyk

Late 19th century Yomud asmalyk, with good colours and condition.

132 x 71


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Aydin kelim

Mid 19th century Aydin kelim strip. Striking colour and intriguing design motifs demonstrate the centuries-old Anatolian …More

363 x 76


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Kurdish chante bag pair

Early-mid 20th century Kurdish chante bag pair, for personal use. The colours are good, condition great.

69 x 28


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Azeri korjin

Early 20th century complete khorjin bag pair, kilim weave, from the South Caucasus. Starkly simple in its restrained …More

147 x 56


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Tekke 12-gul torba

Woven mid 19th century, with its original back, this piece has great colour. Note its  condition issues, e.g. old wear …More

127 x 43


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Karacecli kelim

Anatolian Karacecli kelim fragment mounted on linen. Mid 19th century, the design is striking in its clarity, the …More

221 x 107


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Konya niche rug fragment

This Konya niche prayer rug fragment was  woven early 19th century. The colours are natural and nuanced, the pile is …More

91 x 61


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Afshar chante

Late 19th century Afshar chante, in original as-found condition. Good natural dyes.

38 x 28


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Ersari ensi

Circa 1900 The slightest bit of moth damage in minor patches

191 x 137


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Malatya grain bag

Woven kelim grain bag, early 20th century. Some minor old village repair. Colours are crisply saturated, with a …More

109 x 58


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Veramin bag face

Circa 1900 Veramin area bagface, good condition, good natural colours. Pleasing powerful graphic.

48 x 51


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Swedish bench runner

Swedish bench runner flatweave, early 20th century. Wonderful pastel colours, in great condition.  

353 x 51


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Konya / Cappadocia fragment

This fragment is conserved onto a linen cloth: 145 x 162cm (mount) This particular group of weavers are attributed by …More

135 x 115


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Anatolian mounted kelim

Mount: 360 x 118cm

336 x 96


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