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Sumatran hinggi

An outstanding example of a man’s shawl from Sumba, approximately 40 years old. All the iconic creatures are here, …More

305 x 122


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Uzbek susani fragment

Uzbekistan susani fragment, late 19th century. Mounted and framed, the fragment demonstrates great colour and design in …More

48 x 48


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Uzbekistan susani

Uzbekistan susani with prayer niche design (“joynamoz”). A pleasing late 19th century embroidery, with great colour and …More

150 x 89


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Uzbekistan susani

Uzbekistan nim susani. This piece has been quilted and mounted. An embroidery with a lot of space, which gives it a …More

130 x 94


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Uzbekistan susani

Uzbekistan nim susani – A startlingly graphic embroidery in great condition. The space in the composition is …More

155 x 109


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Uzbekistan susani

Uzbekistan nim suzani. This is a late 19th century piece, possibly from the Bokhara or Samarkand areas. In great …More

165 x 114


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Sumba hanging

Indonesian Sumba hanging with cowry figures. It is thought that the technique for weaving these pieces was lost by the …More

234 x 61


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