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Ngongo skirt

With a strong simple graphic, this good condition piece creates a powerful impression. About 60 years old.

335 x 58


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Shoowa skirt

These long raffia skirts are not uncommon, but they always impress. Good condition. About 70 years old, I believe.

254 x 61


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Shoowa skirt

Raffia weaving at its best. A great condition, and dazzling design, make this 60 year old piece stand out.

290 x 76


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Kuba ntschka

A Booshong women’s overskirt, applique design. Spacious graphic. Good condition, with some age.

163 x 61


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Kuba hat

These charming conch shell and beadwork hats were made for ceremonial use only. This one is about 40 years old. Approx …More

20 x 10


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Bushong skirt

Approximately 70 year old Bushong woman’s dancing skirt, good condition for its age.

229 x 76


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Bushong skirt

A woman’s long raffia dancing skirt, Bushong, Congo. Good condition, with spacious applique figures. About 40 yrs old.

305 x 84


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Kuba skirt

A Booshong skirt made from recycled weavings. About 50 years old.

274 x 64


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Bushong skirt

About 70 years old this woman’s dancing skirt is in two separate lengths, one 8ft long, the other 5ft 6in. It shows …More

475 x 71


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Ngende skirt

Cowrie shell decoration add a nice touch…. plus the move from applique dancers to applique hashtags lends this piece a …More

340 x 61


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Shoowa skirt

An outer skirt to empasise the bum… A subtle graphic in a piece with good condition: some minor old repair.

124 x 48


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Kuba child’s skirt

The small size suggests that it may have been intended for use by a child. Very good condition with a subtle design …More

140 x 46


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Booshong skirt

The red field in a relief design sets up a very well constructed piece. Great condition. c.f. Textile Art Of The Bakuba, …More

142 x 53


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Booshong skirt (ntschka)

A strong graphic piece, an overskirt of some subtlety, in excellent condition. Note the different motifs in the side …More

152 x 58


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Booshong raffia skirt

A strikingly strong repeat design within a typical striped border. Good condition, large size.

386 x 58


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Selection of Shoowa velvets

£45 each Approx sizes: 64 x 64cm  (25″ x 25″)  

64 x 64


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